About Us

Salvadorian Designer Eva Innocenti launched her slow fashion brand in 2015, motivated by her passion to create beautiful, luxurious, finely-crafted handbags and leather goods. 

Eva Innocenti is set on manufacturing ethically and sustainably, in small lots, rather than massive batches. The brand also supports local artisans, who delicately produce each product by master craftsmen in El Salvador. 

Her designs evoke timeless elegance, functionality and creativity. The brand incorporates Salvadorian,  high-quality leathers together with 24K gold-plated hardware. 

Most recently, her Cami Bag and Cami 2.0 of her “Libertad” Collection, have become the fan favorite because of:

  • Their minimalistic design, functionality, and innovative spaces. 
  • How they’re perfectly thought out to fit a new reality with a simpler lifestyle where comfort is key.
  • Their versatility. Each woman feels unique, choosing her own favorite combination of bag color, straps, chains and charms. 

Eva Innocenti wants to help create a community of strong and independent women, capable of transforming their world. Her fashion inspires them not only to look and feel good, but makes them believe in their own power to reach the best version of themselves.